04-06 April 2017 Bad Nauheim, Germany

Joining in Car Body Engineering 2017

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At a Glance 2016

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07-08 November 2016 | Bad Nauheim, Germany

Car Body Painting 2016

33rd Workshop of the 1st German Automotive Circle

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18-20 October 2016 | Bad Nauheim

EuroCarBody 2016

18 th Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference

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05-06 October 2016 | Bad Nauheim, Germany

Simulation 2016

The virtual product and process development chain, from press plant to paint shop

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27-28 September 2016 | Bad Nauheim, Germany

Forming in Car Body Engineering 2016

Press plant, tool shop, foundry: advancing efficiency and quality in car body part production

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26-27 September 2016 | Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

in cooperation with Škoda!

Assembly Engineering intensive 2016

Clever ways to increase efficiency

including guided tour through the final assembly of the Škoda plant in Mladá Boleslav

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20-21 September 2016 | Detroit, MI, US

Insight Edition @ General Motors

Multi-material substrates plus innovative joining methods as key contributing factors to latest car body engineering – the CT6 example

guided tour of the General Motors plant Hamtramck

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