10-12 April 2018 Bad Nauheim, Germany

Joining in Car Body Engineering 2018

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10-12 April 2018 Bad Nauheim, Germany

Joining in Car Body Engineering 2018


The choice of materials in modern car body engineering is increasing unabated, especially in premium car segments, but also elsewhere. Choosing the "right" joining technology for every joint, without driving costs or complexity in the body shop, remains a crucial challenge. Viable solutions may lie in entirely new joining technologies, but more often in technically widened application windows for established processes, or in substantially improved efficiencies of "well-known" technologies.

Newest examples for all three of these options will be presented during 2018's edition of the international Automotive Circle conference Joining in Car Body Engineering from 10 to 12 April, again gathering its leading network of expert automobile engineers in Bad Nauheim, Germany, to discuss latest progress and trends concerning all industrially applicable joining technologies.

Following its proven scheme of two separate yet overlapping conference modules, on Adhesive Bonding and Hybrid Bonding as well as on Thermal and Mechanical Joining, current project reports from international OEM, body-in-white exhibits and high-level technical presentations by important system suppliers and industry-oriented research institutions will bring you up-to-date with the latest in car body joining technology.

The modules focus on the following topics:

For you on site:


Die BIW of the new Audi A8!


Die BIW of the new Volvo XC60!

We are looking forward to meeting you in Bad Nauheim!

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Programme Coordination

Dr. Dirk Meine

Dr. Dirk Meine

Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-319


Conference Organisation

Jannike von Kampen

Jannike von Kampen

Junior Event Manager
Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-384


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